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Press Release

New World first dual-use B7X USV available for Commercial Maritime and Defence Application


With Australia’s vast waterways in mind, AMI is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new dual-use B7X USV model.

The new model, which can be utilised for both manned and unmanned operations, is also being dubbed as the world’s first ever mass produced dual-use USV being made available for Military and Commercial purposes.

The B7X is manufactured, assembled, integrated and tested by Al Marakeb in the UAE, and distributed throughout Australasia by the AMI Group. Designed and developed with a high-end autonomous control system to assist Naval and Patrol vessels and operations, the B7X can be used for a wide variety of potential Defence and civil applications, including vessel monitoring, law enforcement, automated commercial transportation, search & rescue and surveillance, to name a few.

The new USV model comes equipped with a MAP Pro conversion kit, which converts regular manned vessels to unmanned models--allowing the boat to be driven as a regular vessel or be operated remotely from a ground control station. MAP Pro Conversion kits are available throughout Australasia through the AMI Group.


The B7X is highly capable of autonomous mission execution and also features a collision avoidance alert system that utilises radar, AIS and EO/IR situational awareness feedback. Furthermore, the boat can be monitored and controlled from various points across the globe through the MAP global network and can perform for 48 hours straight before refueling.

"Given the size of Australia and the oceans that surround us, we see the B7X as great solution to patrol and work within our waterways, particularly for Coast Guard, Water Police , Hydrographic Surveys and other commercial applications." Said Mr Vince Tranchita, Managing Director of the AMI Group.

The B7X specifications:

Length: 8.2 Metres
Beam: 2.2 Metres
Dry weight: 3,000 Kilograms
Fuel capacity: 450 Litres
Maximum speed: 50 Knots
Range: 450 Nautical miles per 15 Knots

For more information or media enquiries:

Media Enquiries:

Emma Baird
Graphics and Communications Coordinator
Tel: +61 08 9331 0000

Sales and Technical Enquiries:

Aaron Smith
Australasian Business Development Manager
M: 0423 559 255

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About the AMI Group:
A multifaceted portfolio of companies including marine sales and equipment service, safety products, electronics manufacture, satellite communications & airtime, navigation charts, and water treatment & purification, for leisure, Commercial, Defence and Offshore marine interests. Core specialities include Bridge and System Integration and Desalination solutions for Maritime Defence.

About Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing Company
Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing Company is a leading UAE based maritime company building highperformance Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and marine autopilot vessels. Established in 2007, the company boasts of a decade of experience and expertise in the creation of high-performance GRP vessels as well as marine autopilots and USV solutions- under its MAP Tech division- for numerous civil and defense applications. Al Marakeb’s client base is composed of regional and global customers--with branches spread out across the Asian-Pacific region and representatives in Africa, Europe and USA. The company has also recently signed with a reputable global distributor for its marine electronics products.