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AMI add MAP Pro to range of fit to purpose Naval Defence Technologies

Pioneers in unmanned surface vehicles, MAP Technologies (subsidiary of Al Marakeb UAE), have recently approved AMI Marine as their distributor and service partner for Australia and South East ASIA.


MAP’s PRO USV conversion kit is designed to convert any existing vessel to unmanned status, to assist maritime coastal defence operations, and is further beneficial in counter narcotics, search and rescue, route surveillance and Target Boat Practice.

The conversion is supported by the MAP Pro Advanced Autopilot System Control Box, the powerful electronic brain of the MAP USV, (USV also available in two models of varied lengths).

The MAP Pro Control Box modular integration connects seamlessly to a standard vessel’s primary navigation and diagnostic systems, allowing for the vessel to serve unmanned.

The autonomous control offered by vessels with the package installed is enhanced by obstacle detection and collision avoidance technology, utilizing radar, AIS, EO/IR integration.

MAP Pro Advanced Autopilot System Control Box

USV’s are mission critical when it comes to reconnaissance and target acquisition, offering an enhanced situational awareness without endangering human crew, and reducing workload within ‘dull, dirty and dangerous’ operations.

The product’s versatility is shown in the modular based setup, and suitability to various propulsion systems including outboard, inboard, waterjet, sterndrive or electric.

The MAP Pro USV conversation kit was recently showcased alongside the Ground Control Station at NAVDEX, attracting prominent business opportunities both regionally and nationally, and AMI anticipates strong potential within the regional Naval Defence sector.


Various options for Ground Control available, including portable compact configurations (right)

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