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Press Release

Advanced Security: AMI Group Defence Division (AGDD) Partners with Sitep Italia

AMI Group Defence Division (AGDD) have announced the launch of a new product line, recently acquiring supply and service capabilities for Sitep Italia. AGDD Director Gary Bowater announced a formal Reseller and Service Agreement in December, joining the long established companies.

The partnership of these two companies will entail full Service and Sales support in Australia, New Zealand and approved areas in SE Asia for the main Sitep product Lines, with core markets in information integration, communication and security. Mr Valdo Lombardi (Business Development Manager at SITEP Italia SpA) said Sitep are looking forward to working side by side with the AMI Group for now and into the future.

AGDD see an increasing requirement for security type devices to detect, monitor and deter security risks without a fatal outcome. The MASS range of products are ideal for this role, with an agile directional, stabilized, tracked, laser and sonic capability.

It finds application in:
  • Border Security
  • SAR Operations
  • Anti Piracy
  • Law Enforcement
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Port Protection
  • Wild life control

The system can be fully integrated with the Combat Management System and with existing Security Control Stations.

The light weight Multirole Acoustic Stabilized System (LW MASS CS-424 unit) (pictured above) or multiple units are ideal for an OPV, or Policing type vessels.

For vessels with more room and a higher requirement, or where more acoustic power is required, MASS CS-424 takes over where the LW MASS CS-424 leaves off. This version has excellent Anti-Piracy, Search and Rescue and Ship Self Defence qualities. Both Single and Double Emitter operation are available. There are also additional options including RADAR Interfacing and Video Tracking.

(Below) Vision from the system in use.

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About the AMI Group:

A multifaceted portfolio of companies including marine sales and equipment service, safety products, electronics manufacture, satellite communications & airtime, navigation charts, and water treatment & purification, for leisure, Commercial, Defence and Offshore marine interests. Core specialties include Bridge and System Integration and Desalination solutions for Maritime Defence.

About Sitep Italia:

Sitep Italia can boast a long tradition of design, development, manufacturing and support of advanced electronic systems for military and commercial applications since 1975. Born as small manufacturer of military equipment for the Italian Navy, Sitep Italia has been constantly growing through the years. Continuous investment in human and capital resources allowed the company to gain a leading role as a supplier to the Italian naval market, export its innovative technology all over the world, diversify its technology and expand into commercial application.

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